Extension of the PERN tank farm in Gdańsk

Tank capacity: 2 tanks 100,000 m3 each m3
Contract value: 142,95 mln zł net
Completion date: 2018-2020

As part of the expansion of the reservoir park in Gdańsk, two tanks, steel, welded, double-skinned with a floating roof (pontoon-membrane), with the main vertical axis, bottom tightness monitoring with protection of groundwater against contamination, hydrocarbon detection system, fire alarm and level measurement system , density, temperature, roof position and level signaling. The consortium of Mostostal Płock and Mostostal Warszawa has built tanks No. 19 and No. 20 for the storage of crude oil. Thanks to the expansion, the storage capacity of the PERN base in Gdańsk increased from 900,000 to m3 to 1.1 million m3.

Ordering Party: PERN
General contractor: Mostostal Płock (leader) / Mostostal Warszawa (partner)
Contract value: PLN 142.95 million net

Basic technical data of tanks No. 19 and No. 20:

  • capacity nominal / calculated: 100 000 m3 / 113 228 m3
  • inner diameter of the tank jacket: 80 m
  • inner diameter of the tank cover: 84.2 m
  • tank height: 22,526 m
  • cover height: 18.724 m
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