Mostostal Płock is part of the Mostostal Warszawa Capital Group.

Own production

The production of industrial structures and devices in the Workshop Production Department is a very important element of the company's operations. The plant provides the possibility of making specialized steel structures for external recipients as well as steel structures constituting part of larger tasks performed by Mostostal.

We have

  • Workshop Production Department / (Production capacity 8,000 ÷ 10,000 tons per year),
  • Necessary machinery and equipment park,
  • Adequate technical and warehouse facilities,
  • Design Office.

We offer prefabrication and erection of

  • complete industrial, sports halls and indoor swimming pools,
  • construction elements for general and industrial construction,
  • radio and television masts,
  • bridge structures,
  • structures for sewage treatment plants,
  • industrial apparatus subject to UDT approvals,
  • grain silos,
  • industrial furnaces,
  • steel chimneys,
  • columns,
  • reactors with accessories,
  • compressors and pumps,
  • other structures and devices.