Modernization of the Olefin II installation at the PKN Orlen plant

The Olefin 2 production plant is one of the most important installations in the Polish petrochemical production chain. It is also a raw material base for further PKN Orlen installations and for the domestic chemical industry.

Mostostal Płock modernized the installation. Our work consisted in the replacement of pipelines (Ethylene Cold Circulation, Propylene Cold Circulation, pipelines operating at negative temperatures, discharge pipelines). We replaced fittings and fittings; supports, fixings, suspensions and compensators.

We implemented the project in the EPC formula. We have worked in all the required industries for which we have prepared design studies. We were responsible for the delivery of the necessary materials and parts.

The complex work plan allowed for limiting the installation downtime to a minimum. We performed the largest possible scope of preparatory work before the planned shutdown of the unit. Other renovation works were carried out during the shutdown of the installation.

We completed the task in a consortium with SPEC-REM S.A.


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