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Mostostal Płock carried out renovation works at the Płock ZOO

08 February 2024

Mostostal Płock undertook conservation work at the Płock ZOO, renovating the shark aquarium. The project was carried out in cooperation with the local community in Płock.

- ZOO, like our company, has been present in Płock for several decades. The dynamic development of Mostostal Płock has led us to execute contracts throughout Poland and abroad. That is why we are pleased every time we can demonstrate our commitment here, in Płock - said Jacek Szymanek, President of the Management Board of Mostostal Płock.

- I want to say "thank you" for the excellently executed work and invaluable support. The relationship with Mostostal Płock has been successful from the first to the last day of the renovation. I hope this is not our last cooperation - said Krzysztof Kelman, long-time President of the Płock ZOO.

Scope of work at the Płock ZOO

The aquarium, which has been home to sharks continuously since 2016, required the replacement of metal beams supporting the entire structure. The existing elements had corroded due to salt and moisture. - To prepare the new beams, we used the highest quality acid-resistant steel of grade 316. This is a material that will remain intact for the next several dozen years - confirmed Marek Wiśniewski, Head of the Workshop Production Department at Mostostal Płock.


The renovation works were not simple and required surgical precision from the contractors. - Well-executed measurements were crucial. This allowed us to connect the steel beams with acrylic to the millimeter. The installation and welding works proceeded according to the assumptions. Thanks to this, we are confident that the aquarium can be safely filled with water again and sharks can be reintroduced into it - added Marek Wiśniewski.

Before the start of the works, the sharks were caught and placed in a temporary pool. Thanks to the smoothly conducted renovations, the animals will soon be visible again at the Płock ZOO.

photog. ZOO/MP.